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USC Journal of Law & Society

The leading interdisciplinary journal at the University of Southern California


The Journal of Law and Society at the University of Southern California is a student-run, interdisciplinary Journal that promotes outstanding undergraduate scholarship.

Guided by top faculty members at the University of Southern California, papers selected for publication undergo a rigorous editing process by undergraduate students at USC to ensure that each paper is of the highest quality.

The Journal of Law and Society seeks to publish papers from a wide range of disciplines that reflect diverse viewpoints, and strives to promote greater awareness and understanding of the legal field. 

Our Mission

Executive Board 2017-2018


Vanessa Nguyen


Year: Senior

Major: Public Policy

Minors: Economics and Business Law

Vanessa joined JLS her freshman year and now, is the Editor-in-Chief. She is majoring in Public Policy and double minoring in Economics and Business Law. Outside of JLS, she's a Price Ambassador, Vice President for Blackstonians Pre-Law Honor Society, Treasurer for Mortar Board, a policy writer for the Roosevelt Institute, and a policy debater on the Trojan Debate Team. After graduation, she hopes to eventually attend law school and work in corporate law.

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Jane Lee

Lead Editor, Director of Public Relations

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

Minor: Philosophy

Jane Lee is a Senior from the Bay Area and is majoring in Journalism with a minor in Philosophy. Jane is currently the Director of Standards for Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law fraternity, Copy Editor for Annenberg Media, First-Generation Mentor,  livestream manager for ATVN, and member of Annenberg Media Women’s Leadership Society and USC Society of Women in Law. A fun fact about Jane is that she shares a birthday with Ashton Kutcher and Bob Marley!


Elias Abadi

Lead Editor, Director of Finance

Year: Junior

Major: Public Policy

Minor: Web Technologies and Applications

Elias Abadi is Junior majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Web Technologies and Applications. Elias joined JLS as an associate editor last year and had a great experience editing for the journal. He's looking forward to what publications JLS gets this year and working with the associate editors! Elias plans on attending law school after taking a gap year.  


Alison Dundes Renteln

Faculty Advisor

Professor of Political Science, Anthropology, Public Policy, and Law 

Professor Renteln studies international law, human rights, comparative legal systems, Constitutional law and legal and political theory. An expert on cultural rights, including the use of the "cultural defense" in the legal system, Professor Renteln has lectured to judicial organizations and law enforcement groups on this subject. She served on the State Bar Commission on Access to Justice and the California Judicial Council Access and Fairness Advisory Committee. She also served as a member of the California Attorney General's Commission Hate Crimes. 

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Karina Aguirre

Lead Editor, Director of Recruitment

Year: Senior

Major: Law, History, and Culture

Minors: Philosophy of Law, Politics, and Economics and Communication Policy and Law

Karina is a Senior majoring in Law, History, and Culture with double minors in Philosophy of Law, Politics, and Economics & Communication Policy and Law.  She joined JLS as an Associate Editor last year.  Outside of JLS, Karina is the President of Blackstonians Pre-Law Honor Society and a Squad Leader in the Trojan Marching Band.  Karina plans to attend law school and is particularly interested in Constitutional Law.


Eric Bui

Lead Editor, Director of Submissions

Year: Junior

Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Law

Minor: English

Eric joined JLS as an Associate Editor in Fall 2021. He is a Junior majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law with a minor in English. Outside of JLS, Eric is a competitor on and VP of USC’s undergraduate moot court team and a Junior Fellow at the Nova Forum, a religious think tank. He loves that JLS enables authors to more effectively convey their critical ideas to broad audiences and academics alike. Authors challenge the status quo, and editors clarify that message. That ongoing editorial process is something he's just lucky to be a part of. Eric also loves cooking but hates Gordon Ramsay.

Associate Editors 2022-2023

Aayush Manapat

Andrew Mecatl

Annie Bang

Christine Almadjian

Claire Chen

Elaine Huang

Ellen Woodhouse

Erika Lizette Aguayo Gutierrez

Fiona Yang

Gabbie Santos

Izzy Woods

Jeffrey Harberg

Jerry Li

Joseph Tate

Julian Guo

Kaya Von Berg

Lianna Treitler

Lucia Zhang

Luis Cacayoren

Melinda Xia

Nayeli Camacho

Rayeed Rahman

Ryan Silva

Samuel Agustin

Sariah Perera

Editing Board

Executive Board 2022-2023

Join & Submissions

Join the Journal

The Journal of Law and Society recruits new Associate Editors for each school year in the fall semester. The application for the 2022-2023 academic year is now closed. Applications for 2023-2024 will open in Fall 2023. 

Applications for Associate Editors consist of a brief application, a one-page resume, and a two-page academic writing sample. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Please contact the Journal at with any questions regarding applications.


All undergraduate academics from any university, major, or program are invited to submit research papers of at least 10 double-spaced pages in length. Papers may have been completed for coursework, independent study, or written specifically for the Journal. We encourage students from a wide range of disciplines to submit their work. Papers should relate to an aspect of law and society in some manner, but need not have these topics as the central theme.

The USC Journal of Law and Society carefully considers all submissions that it receives on a rolling basis. Our selection process ensures that every paper is thoroughly and collaboratively reviewed, though papers submitted before the final deadline are given first consideration.

The submissions period for the Spring 2023 Edition of the Journal of Law and Society is now closed. Submissions for the Spring 2024 Edition will open Winter 2023.

*Please note that by submitting a paper, authors commit to working with the Journal’s staff to edit and prepare the paper for publication should the paper be selected. Contact the Journal at with any questions.



Editor-in-Chief: Rachel Heil

The Spring 2022 publication of the Journal welcomed Rachel Heil as Editor-in-Chief. This edition featured authors from three different undergraduate institutions, discussing topics ranging from the effects of globalization on international surrogacy to the incorporation of new psychological frameworks into court cases on LGBTQ+ partner violence.

Authors: Julian Guo, Alex Kavaldjiev, Sophia Lyman, Claire Posno, Sofia Trifonopoulou

Editor-in-Chief: Samantha Huang

The Spring 2021 publication of the Journal welcomed Samantha Huang as Editor-in-Chief. This edition featured authors from five different undergraduate institutions, discussing topics ranging from judicial independence in immigration courts to litigating discrimination cases for incarcerated transgender individuals.

Authors: Hannah E. Hallman, Chasia Elzina Jeffries, Miriham Antonio, Rianna Mukherjee, Seungmin (Helen) Lee, Liyu Woldemichael 

Editor-in-Chief: Sebastian John Walter Young

The Spring 2020 publication of the Journal welcomed Sebastian John Walter Young as Editor-in-Chief. This edition included papers covering a variety of topics, ranging from discussions of reparations for Black Americans to the impacts of Institutional Review Boards on academic freedom.

Authors: Dezeray Cruz, Giulia Corno, Avi Bajpai, Sofia Tryfonopoulou, and Pauline Jacqueline Marie Crepy 

Editor-in-Chief: Madeline Goossen

The Spring 2019 publication of the Journal welcomed Madeline Goossen back as Editor-in-Chief. This edition included papers written by students from universities across the United States and covered topics like issues of liability regarding California’s recent wildfires, the concept of laïcité in French culture, changing eminent domain laws in Florida, and regulations in the foie gras industry. 

Authors: Norma Jazmin Gudiño Mendoza, Sarah Anne McKenzie, Jared Kelly, and Ryan Nhu

Editor-in-Chief: Madeline Goossen

The USC Journal of Law and Society welcomed Madeline Goossen as the Editor-in-Chief for the Spring 2018 issue. This edition highlighted papers written by students from universities across the country and dealt with topics like human rights in rural Pakistan, the constitutionality of sex offender registrations, and future of content filtering by governments in regards to freedom of expression.

Authors: Belal Jonaid, Laura Russell, Dale MacLean, Ariana Arzani, and Emily Miller

Editor-in-Chief: Kyra Schoonover

Under the direction of new Editor-in-Chief Kyra Schoonover, the USC Journal of Law and Society publishes its ninth volume, containing papers written by students at four different undergraduate institutions. This issue is one of the most diverse yet, with papers covering US foreign policy, second amendment rights, the legal status of professional sports leagues, international torture law, and the intersection of technology and law in the future.

Authors: Faith Stewart, Zoe Young, Rex Alley, Daniel Shepard, and Matthew Goldstein

Editor in Chief: Micaela Rodgers

The Spring 2016 issue welcomed back Micaela Rodgers as Editor-in-Chief for the eight edition of the Journal of Law and Society. The Journal published works on topics like water sustainability in California, political protests in Peru, and the realities of US drone strikes. 

Authors: Laura Reilly, Maral Tavitian, Megan Zagorski, Sasha Hondagneu-Messner, and Trevor Kehrer

Editor-in-Chief: Micaela Rodgers

With the Spring 2015 edition, the Journal welcomed Micaela Rodgers as Editor-in-Chief and Ryan Walkenhorst as Managing Editor. This issue published papers from students across the country on topics such as campaign finance, the Affordable Care Act, torture in international law, and military drones for targeted killing.


Authors: Andrew Abell, Bailee Ahern, Shayna Cooperman, John Donnelly, Victoria Morgan, Roya Imani & Tomaz Stojnik, and Joseph Noreña

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Lockridge

Andrew Lockridge led the Fall 2014 edition in publishing several extended papers for this edition, including an honor's thesis. Collectively, they represented topics on copyright law in the music industry, the legality of public school prayer, and gender equality in the public sector.  

Authors: Cameron Langford, Lincoln Richards, Marissa Marandola, Ziandra Bauer, Ryan Walkenhorst, and Katherine Wilcox

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Lockridge

Andrew Lockridge continued as Editor-in-Chief for the Spring 2014 edition. With topics covering crimes against humanities, unilateral military force in the 21st century, immigration, and the war on terror, this journal provides original and insightful political thought across fields. 

Authors: Graham Stinnett, Lindsey Ware, Dylan Markovic, Shannon Weiwei Zhang, and Déborah Cápiro

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Lockridge

The Fall 2013 issue welcomed back Andrew Lockridge for the sixth edition of the Journal of Law and Society. Papers in this journal highlighted topics like the role of self- determination in the Arab Spring, juvenile sentencing for murder, the effects of cartels on democracy in Mexico, and LGBTQ mobilization against hate crimes.

Authors: Raul Beke, John Treat, Jack Merritt, Jackson Nye, Rachel Brown, and Mariam Azhar

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Lockridge

New Editor-in-Chief Andrew Lockridge led the publication of the Spring 2013 edition of the Journal. Papers from this issue focused on topics such as air pollution, the National Planning Commission in South Africa, food and water management in China, and access to essential medicines in developing regions. 

Authors: Joshua Christopher Hwang, Ross Ha, Stefanie Schwemlein, Alice Hall-Partyka, Sylvia Fogarty-Phipps, and Sasha Parameswaran

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Fullman

With the Fall 2012 edition, the Journal welcomed Alexander Fullman back as Editor-in-Chief and published works from eight undergraduate authors. These papers cover topics like the rising importance of social media for presidents, the expansion of presidential power through executive legislation, and the history of female elected officials.

Authors: Marissa Roy, Linus Marco, Zach Drennen, Megan Covington, Dylan Kornbluth, Michael Brandon, Rachel Landry, and Sara Worth

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Fullman

The Spring 2012 edition of the Journal welcomed Alexander Fullman as Editor-in-Chief and published works from six undergraduate authors, covering topics such as a global mandated choice organ procurement program and the California DREAM Act. 

Authors: Susan Estrich, Meghan McCormick, Pantea Faed, Alexander Fullman, Barbara Solish, Pedro Ramirez

Editor-in-Chief: Bo Ren

Led by Bo Ren, the Spring 2009 edition of the Journal published works by three authors, dealing with gender inequity in sports, the portrayal of sex on the internet through the lens of civil liberties, the possibility of forming a city of refuge.

Authors: Katherine Hutchinson, Vladimir Medenica, and Victoria Ko

Editor-in-Chief: Victoria Ko

Led by Editor-in-Chief Victoria Ko, the Spring 2008 edition of the Journal features works by two authors on the topics of the politicization of science and privacy in the War on Terror. 

Authors: Colin D. Koproske, Alexander Frank

Editor-in-Chief: Victoria Ko

Under Editor-in-Chief Victoria Ko, the Fall 2007 edition of the Journal published works by four authors on topics such as Makah whaling and Guantanamo Bay. 

Authors: Jeanie Paik, Shahin Berenji, Kent Wakuta, Michael K. Grimaldi

Editor-in-Chief: Steve K. Choi

Led by Editor-in-Chief Steve K. Choi, the Spring 2005 edition of the Journal published works by two authors, focused on treatment programs for adolescents in correctional and detention facilities and retroactivity of the FSIA in Austria v. Altmann. 

Authors: Brenda M. Bower, Nathan Go


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